Covid-19: A wake-up call; Feel the oneness & sacredness of life

By : Mindanao Today/09:33:53am 01/13/2022


By Orlando Ravanera

BEFORE being manifested as forms be a human being, a star, a tree, a bird or a lion, all of God’s creations came as awareness/consciousness, well-rooted with the eternal and formless Being.

That truism alone will tell us the oneness and sacredness of all creation, now appearing in different forms but coming from one life.

All forms are transient, impermanent but the awareness/the consciousness known also as spirit is eternal.

All forms are expressions of the Divinity of the Source of all life and such divine purpose should be allowed to bloom, unfettered from egoic mindset.

But the divine purpose of the Universe has been violated without let up all these years by the homo sapiens that are governed by an insane collective mindset who were responsible in killing its own kind at the tune of more than 100 million human beings in 20th century alone.

Not only that! By intensively pursuing consumerist and materialistic lifestyle, the homo sapiens have already sacrificed GAIA (Mother Earth) and billions of floras and faunas to the altar of greed and profit.

Yes, we are now in the 22nd year of the 21st century, but we are not certain anymore if we can reach the 22nd century which is only 88 years from now.

Every day, 1,000 hectares of the 386-meter-high iceberg are melting in the Arctic and the Antarctic that are contributing to the increasing level of the oceans, our seas are acidifying vanishing our fishery and marine life.

As described by Jeff Nesbit in his book, “This is the Way the World Ends,” “Longer droughts in the Middle East are causing extreme water shortages, growing desertification in China and Africa is creating a severe food security challenge; the monsoon season is shrinking in India, perhaps upending a century-old water cycle; amped heat waves in Australia are making part of the continent unlivable. More intense hurricanes could devastate entire cities in America; water wars in the Horn of Africa are now the root of armed conflict; rebellions, refugees, and starving children across the globe are becoming common place.”

The world itself will not end, of course. Only ours will as we are now in the state of planetary emergency with the doomsday clock now set by thousands of scientists to just “one minute before midnight.”

But despite this truism, humanity is still in deep slumber.

Worse, an unprecedented crime is now being committed against life and against humanity by the homo sapiens through climate change denials.

Remember what happened during the recently-held Conference of Parties (COP 26) at Glasglow, Scotland during the G22 Conference attended by some 200 world leaders.

COP26 was just all BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, as world leaders gave more priority to the economy rather than saving life on earth.

They could not even phase out the usage of coal and fossil fuel, the main contributor to climate change.

Climate change denial is also being claimed by religious fundamentalists, based on their firm belief that everything that’s happening on earth can be attributed to God’s will including climate change and no way shall we contradict that.

Such is well-supported by the Americans, especially the Republicans who are outrightly denying climate change.

Why? Well very glaringly, as categorically stated “it’s the economy, stupid!”

Am not surprised! No way will they stop profiteering through the use of coal and fossil fuel.

The US 19 fossil companies are earning some 17 trillion dollars annually or some 10 million dollars every minute!

Such gargantuan amount not only goes to these global corporations but to the mainstream media and religious groups.

No way will they stop sacrificing Mother Earth and the people and all life forms to the altar of greed and profit! Indeed, every day, thousands of species, be flora and fauna, are becoming extinct.

All of these species, were created millions if not billions or years prior to creation of the homo sapiens, meaning, they have more right to exist than us.

But the homo sapiens is the most flawed of all of God’s creation.

It is quite a paradox that it is stated biblically that “God created man in the image and likeness of God.”

Well, the opposite is true – man has created God in his own image, even one brandishing as being “the appointed son of God!” and now accused of rape and other heinous crimes.

But the collectively egoic insane mindset of the Anthropocene is going-on horribly without let-up amidst morale collapse and religious apathy!

Now, please tell me, will such insane collective mindset be allowed to create more havoc, more massacre, more unprecedented crime against life, against God?

No less than Pope Francis in his Encyclical Letter had said that “Climate change is a sin against God!” Who are really passionately countering climate change?

Who are opposing the-called corporate globalization known also as aggressive casino capitalism that is in control of the one percent regime of the world’s economy?

Such contemporaneous development paradigm known also as neo-liberal capitalism has benefited so much from manufacturing armaments, i.e., nuclear bombs, high powered guns, missiles, etc., that can kill the 7 billion earthlings 33 times over.

Based on the above analysis, if you were the Creator, will you not awaken the homo sapiens now in deep slumber, deeply buried in so much consumerism and materialism whose mindset is captured by so much illusion by the mainstream media brandishing body languages and rhetorical style.

You want to be happy? Buy this, buy that! That’s wrong! You can only be happy by being one with life, with God!

The pandemic that has put humanity is so much disarray is indeed the best wake-up call.

The species called homo sapiens is so self-centered, so egoic, so engrossed in psychological attachments, so selfish brandishing – my life, my wealth, my ego, my identify, my popularity, my position and what have you.

Covid-19 threatens those aspects of self-gratification. Instead of my, my my, it should be ours, ours, ours!

So, the homo sapiens must pause and reflect for a while.

Unless the homo sapiens trail braze transformation and feel the oneness and sacredness of life, no way can we stop the pandemic!

Are you not wondering why there is the pandemic? Just like the killing and eating monkeys (chimpanzees) by Africans that caused the transmission of Auto-Immune Deficiency Syndrome and HIVs, to the Africans, the same happened in China when the Chinese began killing and eating bats or “paniki” in 2019.

Yes, man’s self-centeredness is the culprit! Feeling the oneness and sacredness of life is the counter-measure!

The Unseen Being, the Source of all life, the Eternal, the Creator, is telling us to wake up.

This time, feel that ONENESS and Sacredness of Life. Indeed, there is only ONE TRUE LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE shared by all of us, the AWARENESS now manifested as forms.

That CONSCIOUSNESS is what we are all waiting for – the oneness and sacredness of LIFE! Can you not feel that oneness?

Look at the trees, the flowering plants and feel the stillness that they emit, expressing the truism that nature is well-rooted with the Unseen, Formless, Eternal Being called God!

Feel the essence of that Stillness and you will be rooted with the Formless Being yourself!

And no pandemic can hit you as you have entered another dimension of inner and much greater power by being one with life and all of God’s creation!

That is in fact the number one law of nature: Oneness and inter-connectedness with all of God’s creation! Feel that NOW!

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