Premium Care: A natural ingredient moms’ best treat to the babies’ sensitive skin

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Premium Care

THE most unconditional and purest love of a mother to her child is the best bond between a mother and a child ever had.

It is the only real and purest bond that a child can experience, the only true love we can ever find in our lifetime.

A mother’s love is like an everlasting feels that continues to develop and bloom like a flower.

It also gives strength, comfort, healing, and warmth with natural way, especially to our millennial mom nowadays.

That’s why Pure Premium Care products are here to help millennial mom’s treatment for their child which is specially developed and formulated for Baby, Kids and Mom too on their everyday needs for toiletries, skin care, hygiene care and medicated products.

This is manufactured by Etercon Pharma, which has the GMP standard for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Household Health Supplies products.

Prosweal Healthcare Inc. is a marketing arm in the Philippines that caters different types of businesses from a mutual trust, mutual support and empathy to the patients’ health and well-being, now; we are expanding into modern trade supermarkets, institutional in general trade.

Purebb, Kids and Mom products are a premium baby brand originally made in Indonesia and being developed with advanced technologies.

It provides a sense of safe and reliable through the assurance of selecting only the best quality raw materials used.

Perfect for all skin type, and they only choose natural ingredients for the optimal skin health for your little one.

A newborn’s baby skin is soft and delicate and needed a proper way of handling and maintains the health and textures of the baby skin.

Purebb Liquid Soap and Soothing Moisturizer Cream come along well as this have solutions for atopic dermatitis and sensitive skin.

Purebb Liquid Soap is best to use for baby bath because it is all-natural ingredients which contains Oat Kernel Extract, Chamomile Extract and Panthenol that possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which is effective on a variety of inflammatory diseases such as atopic, dermatitis, skin rash, itch and other inflammatory skin conditions.

It also moisturizes the skin and nourishes the skin.

There are products that may be too harsh for a baby and may contain irritants or allergens.

Many parents like to use lotions after bath to their babies and applying the lotion or other cream immediately maintain the moisture level of skin and keep it hydrated as well.

If your baby’s skin usually seems dry, you may need to apply lotion frequently.

And Purebb Soothing Moisturizing Cream is a baby special care products as it is best suits to use and made especially for babies.

It contains natural formula with calming Sunflower Seeds Oil and Olive Oil to restore the moisture balance and Oat Kernel extract to soothe the skin discomfort problem.

Pure Premium Care products completed a range of Baby, Kids, and Mom such as Baby and Child Hair Care, Purebb shampoo and Hair Lotion.

Purebb Liquid Cleanser with a food grade formula that is safe for cleaning all the baby dishes and remove unpleasant odor, Non-Fragrance and can be used for washing bottles, fruits, vegetables and utensils while Purebb Laundry Liquid is effectively formulated to remove stains and is safe for baby’s sensitive skin.

Purekids toothpaste is natural and safe toothpaste to infant and toddlers and PureMom Nipple Cream a natural based ingredient that prevents sore and cracked nipple while breastfeeding that is safe for both baby and moms as it is a food grade formula.

It is now available in the Philippine market and you may try to catch them at Landmark Department Store, Baby Section at Trinoma, Makati, and Festival Mall, Alabang.

Also, it will be available in all leading drugstore chain.

For further details of our products, please check our social media page: Facebook and Instagram account @purebb Philippines, website: (PR)

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