24% Cagayan de Oro’s Covid deaths took place in July 2021

By : Bobby Lagsa Mindanao Today/08:31:35am 08/06/2021


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The city government here has developed a temporary graveyard at the Bolonsori public cemetery in Barangay Camaman-an, the city’s largest burial site, as redevelopment of the 19-hectare burial facility with plans to turn it into a memorial park has started.

Engr. Armen Cuenca, the City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office (CLENRO) head told Mindanao Today that they created a temporary graveyard for 500 human remains near the Berjaya relocation area to accommodate more burials as the redevelopment is ongoing.

Cuenca, who also heads the city’s Management of the Dead for Covid-19 said that in the second half of July this year, they saw the highest number of deaths due to Covid-19.

“From July 16 to 31, there were 45 suspected Covid-19 cases, eight probable and 97 confirmed cases,” Cuenca said.

The city government reported that there are 560 accumulated deaths in the city since the pandemic started.

One hundred thirty-nine of these deaths were in July alone or 24.82 percent of the entire deaths recorded in the city.

Cuenca said that the 45 suspected Covid-19 deaths were swabbed but there is no result yet following their demise.

“Almost 95 percent of the suspected and probable were swabbed. In-home deaths, there is no time to do the swab test,” he said.

The CLENRO chief added that at the Bolonsori public cemetery temporary graveyard, they have started the earthworks to make site available next week.

“It can accommodate 500 burial sites and we have set aside close to 200 for Covid-19 cases,” Cuenca said.

He added that most Covid-19 deaths were cremated.

“In July, 74 were cremated, while 23 were buried, but not all of them were buried in Bolonsori because it is the call of the families were their departed loved ones be buried,” Cuenca said.

He also said that of all the burials in the city, Covid-19 has a low number, adding, however, that they are not sure what the percentage of Covid-19 deaths in all of the deaths in the city.

“There is still a higher number of deaths in the city not related to Covid-19,” Cuenca said.

He said that the city government is paying for the cremation, which costs about 30 thousand pesos per cremation. The city government is shouldering the cost of burials.

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