MMDC supports nutritional program in Cabangahan

By : Mindanao Today/05:18:20pm 08/13/2021


The Community Relations team of Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC) recently supported the community-based feeding program in barangay Cabangahan.

The activity was in coordination with the Municipal Social Welfare and
Development Office(MSWDO) of Cantillan and the Brgy. Nutrition Scholar (BNS)
of Cabangahan.

Through a community survey the BNS identifies areas where children need nutritional intervention. The survey includes measuring the children’s height and weight to check if they are within the accepted growth standards.
Mothers are also interviewed about the family’s food sources and eating habits. The data from the survey guides the BNS in working with the barangay service providers to deliver the required nutritional projects.

During the feeding program in Cabangahan, households received goodie bags containing powdered milk, and bottles of multivitamins and vitamin C. The children were also served champorado and lugaw during the fun event.

A quarterly follow-up is regularly done to monitor health improvements among the children, and to determine if parents need further nutritional counseling.

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