The imperative need for constructive Bangsamoro citizenship (1st of 2 parts)

By : Alexander Mangorsi Mindanao Today/11:35:53am 09/12/2021


By Alexander Mangorsi

“WHAT makes a Moro constructive citizen makes him a good inhabitant of the BARMM, a good citizen of this country and a productive member of the Ummah and the global community.” ATM

The Bangsamoro and their sanguine hopes for an invigorated BARMM

Indeed, as in every human polity and civilization, the strength of its pillar and foundation rests within the strength of character and values of its people and in the case of the Bangsamoro, that values have to be instilled in the minds of every Moro that it is in their interest and for their welfare to evolve, grow and transform themselves from being a nation beset by war and conflict for centuries, and from being a nation living, for decades, in an endless violence, massive poverty, political corruption, and underdevelopment, into a new strain of deeply productive, highly industrious, exceedingly dynamic, and a new breed of deeply peaceful, dedicated and visionary Bangsamoro.

Undoubtedly, the BARMM today has become the penultimate political solution to the Moro armed conflict in Southern Philippines, intended primarily to achieve meaningful amity and progress in the Moro land and in Mindanao.

To make it work however requires the MILF leadership under Chief Murad to continuously walk the talk on moral governance which, oiled and empowered by the BARMM’s “block grant,” will infuse massive infrastructure projects, essential facilities, livelihood programs and other economic, financial and tourism development programs in the Moro land.

And the same, if effectively insulated from corruption both within the BARMM bureaucracy and its LGU component provinces, cities and municipalities, will finally provide the Moro people with sanguine hopes and optimism sealed in a new Bangsamoro environment where peace, cohesion, progress, economic development and inclusive regional government can now ultimately loom and eventually fill the façade of a new refurbished and fully developed BARMM.

The need for law-abiding Bangsamoro citizens

“O ye who believe! obey Allah, and obey His Messenger and those who are in authority over you.” Surah An-Nisa, (4:59), Qur’an.

“Every good citizen adds to the strength of a nation.” Gordon B. Hinckley

Indeed, the need to develop and transform the ordinary Bangsamoro into this notion of constructive citizenship is absolutely vital and imperious.
It’s feasible and rousing as it merely calls for the Moro people to embrace a new mindset and a new value based on courage, discipline, resilience and a greater sense of accountability and responsibility to be utmost law-abiding citizens, the solemn duty and obligation to obey the laws, and conform to the legitimate and established rules, orders and regulations issued by the duly constituted authorities.

Embrace reality with dignity and honor and abandon the old ways of backwardness

“There are four types of oceans; passion is the ocean of sins, the nafs is the ocean of desires, death is the ocean of lives, and the grave is the ocean of regrets.” Umar Al-Khattab

Indeed, within the BARMM, the common acts of ignorance, “rido” conflict, ceaseless greed and avarice, and war-freak attitudes have to vanish from our set of social mores and conventions.

They have to be abandoned and removed from our culture, ethos and usages because these negativities have always been an impediment, a stumbling block to our boundless quest for our growth, advancement and development.

A constructive citizen within the Moro land therefore must be honest, righteous, trustworthy and dependable.

He must decently be respectful of others’ rights, freedom and liberty.

The constructive Moro must have the ability, wisdom and talent to demonstrate his thoughts, words and action in one coherent fashion based on values and principles as against his unbridled insatiability for supremacy, affluence and self-worth.

Furthermore, a constructive Moro citizen must be faithful, one who believes in God, in the primacy of peace, and in the basic promotion and protection of the overall wellbeing, collective security, and the total human development of the Bangsamoro, the Ummah, this nation and the whole of humanity.”

In layman words, a constructive Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, Yakan, or any tribal grouping of the Moros, has, in himself or herself, the quality of being virtuous, honorable and morally upright.

He has the charm and the character of doing what is morally right and socially correct as defined by religious scriptures or by some fundamental normative rules, legal doctrines or ethical values and basic norms of society.

Arguing for public participation

“Any participation, even in the smallest public function, is useful.” John Stuart Mill

As Theodore Roosevelt has occasion to say, "the first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight.”

Thus, Aristotle the legendary Greek philosopher believed that “Man is by nature a social animal and hence man cannot live alone. He is a social animal not only because his nature made him so or his natural instinct requires, but by necessity and needs. He needs food, shelter, safety, education, recognition, love and self-actualization which can only be fulfilled within the course of living in society.”

And as every man, according to Aristotle, is either a political animal or an outcast, the constructive Bangsamoro citizen therefore has to live within society for his security, interest and welfare in absolute cohesion with the security, interest and welfare of his fellow men.

He cannot be selfish, he cannot be drug peddler, he cannot be thief, he cannot be murderer and most of all, he must not commit violence to terrorize the peace and order in society.

He must be productive, fruitful and constructive wherever he resides or wherever he establishes is his place of domicile, profession and business in the BARMM or elsewhere in the entire Philippine Islands.

The constructive Bangsamoro therefore has to fulfil, accomplish and contribute his own fair share of work to ensure that the collective needs and welfare of society will not be overshadowed by the overbearing dominance of the rich, the mighty and the powerful political elites. (To be continued)

(Alexander Tomawis Mangorsi is the admin of the Bangsamoro Policy Caucus Facebook page. The Bangsamoro Policy Caucus is an internet-based policy advocate for issues of indispensable relevance and significance to the common welfare and collective good of the Moro People.)

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