Atty. ‘Migs’ Nograles’ fondest childhood memories with her family, holiday traditions, and hometown Davao

By : Mindanao Today/05:29:52pm 09/14/2021


Every little fond moment she keeps close to her heart only goes to show how close Atty. Margarita “Migs” Bendigo Nograles to her family. Carrying a Nograles surname possesses “pride” more than a pressure to her “because my dad worked so hard to build his legacy,” says the accomplished young lawyer, who is the youngest daughter of the late prominent politician and lawyer Prospero “Boy” Castillo Nograles and his stunning wife, Rhodora Bendigo Nograles.

Migs is equally close to her three siblings Dra. Kristine Nograles-Hugo, Cabinet Secretary Karlo B. Nograles, and Congressman Jericho B. Nograles. “From the 3 rd , we’re actually 10 years apart so literally I was and still am the baby of the family!” she intimates. “We’re each other’s rock and foundation. I would always run to them for everything and anything, even the slightest drama or love life concerns!”

She was born in Makati, but her hometown in Davao City. “I always spent my summers in Davao and every break but sadly I never got the chance to study here. Now, I moved back and built my firm, and the show here.” She has moved back for close to a year now and has been co-managing the law firm Nograles Ilagan Sagarino Selgas Cayco Aban & Dabi Law (NISSCAD Law) as partner-lawyer. “The happiest time of my life as an adult was when the moment I saw the sign of my firm. At 30, it’s quite exhilarating but satisfying to see that,” she relates. Migs’ earliest memory of her childhood would always be her dad’s face. “Despite his busy schedule, even as a baby, I would remember that he would always carry me and sing to me. Although I probably didn’t understand it that time, I would always remember his face,” she intimates. When she lost her dad would probably be the toughest time in her adult life. “I got through it and still am going through it because of my faith, family, and closest friends,” she says fervently.

If there were special moments she wishes to keep vivid in her mind was when her “family was complete and just enjoying those light, bright, laughable moments together.” Particularly, she always loved their trips to Tagaytay and Holidays spent in Davao with the entire family. “I remember we played poker with my dad and he wiped us all out by bluffing!” she shares. “Holidays were always in Davao with the family or sometimes when we get lucky and saved enough money, we would go on a trip abroad with the family. Every Christmas would be the best because we would always house hop from one Lola’s house to the next and my cousins and I would always do a performance –dancing or singing—so we can get a prize! Those were the days.”

The best part of her childhood memories was getting prizes for achieving things! “It was always a rule that you get privileges when you succeed, so when cards would come out, it’s either you get thrilled or you get scared because you didn’t do too well and you won’t get a prize,” recalls Migs. “The best memories would therefore be those dinners with the entire family especially when dad was still around.” If there was one object from her childhood that she cherished the most, it would be her “fluffy pink photo album” that her brother Koko gave her. “I always love fluffy things and it was pink. Of course, it was meant to be used but I never used it and preserved it so that the fluffiness would be intact. He always knows exactly what to give me even until now since I will always be a kid-at-heart and be happy about the smallest things. I still love fluffy things even my chair in the office has a fluffy cover.” Since the pandemic, Sundays have always been Zoom nights to catch up with the Nograles family. “Sundays were always made for family days. Nowadays, it’s just through face time or Zoom but before it would be dinners or lunches together,” she says.

The most important values that her parents have imparted her are “to be humble and give back to those who need it the most. And most of all never lose faith in the Lord.” Taking on from these values, she focuses on her newest platform to serve others through Ask Atty. Migs, a program that gives free legal aid and advice to people across the nation. How would you want your loved ones to remember you? “The funny, quirky, kalog baby girl,” she says, in her cheery disposition.

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