The imperative need for constructive Bangsamoro citizenship

By : Alexander Mangorsi Mindanao Today/08:42:34am 09/15/2021


By Alexander Mangorsi

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The need for constructive Moro leadership

“TRUE leaders don’t give consoling answers, they take constructive actions.” Amit Kalantri

Most importantly, when a constructive Moro becomes a politician or is able to assume some mantle of political authority like being an official of the BARMM, a governor of a province, a congressman, a member of the parliament of the BARMM, a mayor, or a bureaucrat.

He must rule with inspiring vigor, result and competence, he must lead with justice, vision and integrity and he must govern with righteousness, transparency, and great leadership.

Certainly, he must refrain from the use of coercion, fraud and violence to obtain obedience.

A constructive Moro politician must be endowed with a very huge human compassion, understanding and empathy so he could honestly sense the pain, misery and the most urgent concern and needs of his own people.

The collective welfare, the general interest, the basic public health and security of the entire Moro inhabitants is of paramount value in the faithful discharge of his office.

He must see to it that the people have every reason to rejoice in a more prosperous and a deeply organized polity.

Indeed, a true leader inspires and stimulates others even in times of crises.

In this pandemic, engulfing the country and the whole of humanity, a constructive Moro Politician has ways to encourage and embolden the weak and the needy.

The goal is “no one in the Moro land shall be left alone hungry and no one shall be susceptible of harm and danger,” because the Moro Constructive Politician cares for his protection, safety and needs.

Spirit of public service and social activism

“Public service is about serving all the people, including the ones who are not like you.” Constance Wu

In this contemporary, the constructive Bangsamoro serves as a perfect epitome of his selfless and altruistic action, to wit: The act of doing things to help conserve the environment, like picking up garbage and litters, planting new trees, conserve water supplies and preserve energy sources, reuse and recycle old things and trash;

The constructive Moro must also serve either as a humanitarian philanthropist or a man gifted with talent and the propensity for voluntary works, benevolent health activities and public or other social services.

Defend the weak and fight corruption

“It is a right and duty of the wise ones to purify the strong by teaching them their duties and to strengthen the weak by teaching them their rights.” Subrahmanya C Bharati

The Constructive Moro must either be brave, valiant and fearless to help fight against racism, intolerance and xenophobia, and help stamp out prejudice, bigotry and religious discrimination in labor or work sites, government offices and in society.
He must also help promote equality, justice and the notion of inclusive of governance.

The constructive Moro must be able to help protect and defend the rights and welfare of the weak, the needy, the destitute and the impoverished members of society wherever and whenever possible.

A Constructive Moro man respects the dignity, honor and human personality of every soul.

And finally, the constructive Moro must be a man of faith, integrity, and independence.

He must refrain from committing sins, depravities and other immoralities.

He must also refrain from drug abuse and drug – peddling, petty crimes, usury, violence and corruptions.

The Constructive Moro must also evade any act of wickedness, defilement or desolation against his fellow men.

Enforcing a genuine moral governance in the BARMM

Certainly, as man progresses especially in this digital era, the idea of governance, laws and constitutions have evolved and developed and are conceived as contracts drawn up by “the people” to demarcate and delineate the situs of powers and authority governing their affairs.

In a Republican form of government like ours, “the powers and duties of the ruling regime are exercised and discharged for the common good and welfare and certainly not to strengthen and expand the clout, wealth and riches of the Political elites.”

The ruling authority, the BARMM leadership therefore is mandated, under the Bangsamoro Organic Law, to perform its indispensable and necessary functions – to “protect and enhance the right of all the Moro inhabitants to their human dignity, reduce social, economic, and political inequalities, and remove cultural inequities by equitably diffusing wealth and political power for the common good.”

The MILF led-BARMM therefore represents the collective interest, the universal ideals and the noble aspirations of the entire Moro people in pursuit of their imperious need for a new united, prosperous, caring, affluent and a fully developed Bangsamoro.

“When one’s intention is sincere, God will suffice his needs, protect him, and guide him in his dealings with the people.” Umar Al-khattab

“Citizenship consists in the service of the country.” Jawaharlal Nehru

“Everyone who receives protection from the society owes a return for the benefit.” John Stuart Mill

(Alexander Tomawis Mangorsi is the admin of the Bangsamoro Policy Caucus Facebook page. The Bangsamoro Policy Caucus is an internet-based policy advocate for issues of indispensable relevance and significance to the common welfare and collective good of the Moro People.)

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