Building a ‘New Earth’: Unfettering humanity from collective insanity

By : Orlan Ravanera Mindanao Today/09:10:16am 10/11/2021


By Orlando Ravanera

IT has been said that a strong army can conquer a kingdom but that the strongest army in the world cannot stop an idea whose time has come.

In the world’s present set-up where there is so much veneration to the profit motive that has already captured the mindset of all governments, all institutions, all universities and all religious groups, it has become imperative to unfetter humanity from the world of form, now deeply buried in so much materialism and consumerism amidst so much denigration of spirituality.

A new spirituality must now loom that is based on the oneness and sacredness of life, totally cut-off from the egoic mind.

We must understand that we are not just ordinary fragments in the vast universe but integral to the divinity of the vast spaciousness and the stillness of all of God’s creation.

As we are more than form being consciousness, we must connect with the Formless, the Unseen, the Unmanifested, the Nothingness and Stillness!

The one billion members of the cooperatives world-wide including some fifteen million cooperative members in the Philippines know that indeed cooperativism has come of age and that, no force on earth can stop it now.

This truism has been affirmed by the United Nations and by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) to effect transformation by becoming transformative for people, planet, prosperity and peace.

For the first time in the UN history, it issued the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 to liberate humanity from hunger, poverty, gross inequities, social injustices, climate change and to promote peace, health, gender equality and to effect transformation through transformative cooperatives stating that cooperative enterprises build a better world.

On its part, the ICA describes the cooperatives as the People’s preferred Development Model and the fastest growing enterprise that will replace the present dominant paradigm.

The paradigm shift from neo-liberal capitalism to cooperativism is already long overdue.

The unsustainability in ecology must now be rectified because, in the absence of a major change, the unsustainable pattern of resource use will cause the collapse of the world system in less than a hundred years.

The unsustainability in the economy, where individualized aggrandizement and accumulation of wealth is the order of the day, must now be debunked to give way to the collective efforts towards inclusive growth through cooperativism.

Albert Einstein once told us that we cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that has given rise to the problem, thus, from a consumerist and materialist thinking, there must be a shift to regenerative mindset, from having more to being more.

Thus, being more means debunking an egoic mindset, free from the chattering of the mind and be one with the formless, the unseen being called God. Be with stillness! The No-thingness!

The UN has categorically defined the DNA of the cooperatives as members-owned, value-based and sustainable.

Being members-owned, the problem of gross inequities will be solved as the members are the main stakeholders as they own and manage their own enterprise.

The members are the ones to control, to decide and to benefit – thus, democratizing wealth in a highly iniquitous society.

Being value-based, the cooperatives give high adherence to time-honored and universally-accepted cooperatives principles, values and practices of participation, democracy, equality, service, industry, cooperation, honesty, transparency, accountability and most importantly, concern for the environment and for the communities.

In the world of cooperativism, there is no such thing as moderating one’s greed as cooperatives’ raison d’ etre is for service and not for profit.

Money will be used to enhance life and the well-being of the people and NOT to make more money.

The cooperatives are considered as the builders of sustainability and by 2025, they will be the acknowledged leaders in social, economic and ecological sustainability.

This means food security, inclusive growth and ecological integrity will be the priorities rather than business and profit.

The one billion cooperative members worldwide are giving notice to one and all that social change is now in the offing; indeed, social transformation is now sweeping the globe as humanity is now in the threshold of the earth’s tipping point.

If the present dominant paradigm continues, meaning, “business as usual,” then, we will tip the balance in favor of death.

The paradigm shift towards cooperativism, that advances the blueprint of the cooperative decade with new spirituality connected to the innermost being, will tip the balance in favor of life as the roadmap makes the cooperatives the countervailing force against resource depletion and economic stagnation.

Yes, the cooperatives’ time has come and no force on earth, be it cartels or corporate globalization can stop them from freeing humanity from collective insanity.


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