Experience Maranao cuisine only at Torogan Kape

By : Mark Francisco Mindanao Today/07:57:48am 04/20/2021


TOROGAN Kape, which is located at Phoenix gas station compound, Kauswagan highway corner Tejero St. in barangay Kauswagan, is the first and only Maranao-themed restaurant in this side of Northern Mindanao.

Showcasing Maranao hospitality through food, Torogan Kape offers the best of Lanao delicacies such as piaparan a manok beef rendang, datu a bilangatao, tapay sa torogan, aang a margas, dodol and a lot more.

“Torogan” is the Maranao word for “house” and by that alone, guests can immediately feel at home upon entering the premises with the warm and gracious accommodation of the servers who will take your order and walk you through the menu if you are not yet familiar with the cuisine.

“We named our café Torogan as we wanted to send a message that Torogan Kape is a home for everyone – a café for all – Maranao or not,” the owner says. “We want to showcase our beautiful traditional Maranao art and culture through our best tasting coffee and food menu.”

Aside from the offerings mentioned above, Torogan Kape also offers conventional items such as black seed coffee with honey, frapuccino, iced coffee and cod brew, non-coffee beverages and milk teas, pastas, sandwiches and pastries.

“We were driven by the sad reality that Maranao delicacies and food are so rare to find these days even in Marawi,” the owner adds. “Secondly, the new generation of Maranaos have been patronizing more of the foreign ideas of modern foods and drinks. And finay, Marawi has been receiving visitors from al over the world but there is no café or Maranao restaurant near the airport in CDO. Many are curious about Maranao food but it’s gonna take them hours to visit Marawi.”

Indeed, Torogan Kape is for every coffee lover. It is for the bagets. It is for the young and old, for the food explorer, for everyone who just loves to hang out and chill, enjoy the unique ambiance that is in there.

Also catch their summer specials such as strawberry smoothie, iced strawberry, cheesy beef nachos, vanilla sweet cream cold brew, hala chicken bites with mozzarea and pineapple matcha.

Torogan Kape is available in Food Panda too. They are open everyday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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